BuyCentre was always about making people’s lives a lot easier. Especially in this day and age, where selling your car can be a minefield. Who do you speak to? Can you trust someone you just met off the internet? How do you know you’re getting the fairest price for your vehicle?

Well, our team figured out a way to solve these questions.

If you can find romance through an app, book dinner and a movie through an app, get picked up from the airport through an app, why couldn’t you sell your car conveniently and easily through an app?

And the BuyCentre App was born.

Our team envisioned it as having an advanced algorithm tied to the intricate dealership network of Unitrans. This would allow any seller – who entered in their information as correctly as possible – to receive a highly accurate offer in a mere hour or two. This would help set their expectations as to the realistic value of their vehicle – because other car buying companies may not accurately give the final price for the car, leading to disappointment down the road, literally.

This app and its efficiency proved so popular that BuyCentre is now a major operation, with depots throughout the country, serving happy customers every day.

We are proud of our William Hunts heritage – it means you’re always in good hands with guys you can trust. Because our company motto is: the customer always comes first.

As a result, our customers find the process easy.

Selling your vehicle has never been this safe, simple, and stress-free.