10 Popular car colours with high resale value in SA

Car colours in South Africa are almost infinite. You can probably order a car that matches your nail polish, like pink, orange or yellow. In South Africa, black remains a popular colour but pales into insignificance when compared to South Africans’ most popular colour choice – white.

AutoTrader analysed cars sold on the automotive digital marketplace in 2019, and George Mienie, AutoTrader CEO, said that white is by far the most popular car colour in the country. “It accounts for more sales than the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth most popular car colours combined,” he said.

According to Axalta’s 2019 Annual Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report, white was also the most popular colour globally. In Asia, Africa and South America, white proved to be especially popular. In Asia, white cars sold made up 49%, in Africa 46% of cars were white, and 42% in South America were white.

White is popular for many reasons – it’s better in the heat compared to darker colours, it retains its resale value, and it’s easy to repair. A 2011 study, conducted by Berkeley Lab Environmental Energy Technology Division, proved that light-coloured cars reflect 60% of sunlight compared to dark-coloured cars. Darker cars also show a 2% higher fuel consumption due to the greater use of air conditioning.

The second-best colour in South Africa for 2019, was silver, followed by grey, blue and red. Global preferences differ with black as the second most popular colour, followed by grey, silver and blue. In South Africa, black ranked in the 6th position.

Green cars are also mostly sold in global countries but don’t feature on South Africa’s list. Purple cars show the highest depreciation. Gold, green, maroon and turquoise caused their owners between 4% to 6% losses in resale value.

Gumtree commented when asked about the resale value and the impact of colour, that they buy cars with the heart. It should be a specific brand, body variant, engine and gearbox type, accessories and colour. According to them, white and silver are easy to sell, compared to darker colours.

The local trend is also hues of silver such as grey. The buyers prefer white, silver/grey, black/blue, red and then variants of yellow, brown and green.

Here are 5 tips when you choose your car colour:

  • Maintenance and appearance: White and silver cars don’t show dust and micro-scratches to the extent darker tones do. In wet weather, however, road dirt and mud show up more, but there is a balance. These colour tones need less washing, less polishing, and less fading.
  • Visibility: Lighter coloured-vehicles are safer because of their visibility on the road, in scenery and among traffic.
  • Cost and availability: Your options are limited when you are particular about colour when buying and metallic paint on new cars is often extra. You might end up paying more than a comparable neutral colour. White-painted vehicles also attract lower insurance premiums.
  • Repair: There is lower risk with lighter colours because panel beaters don’t have to match and blend colours to repair the car.
  • Resale value: Lighter cars have stronger resale value because the pool of buyers for popular colours is larger.

Buying Your First Car: What To Get.

You did it! You passed your driver’s! And now you’re considering what to actually use it with. (Or you haven’t passed it yet, but you are the optimistic, chipper sort and are confident in either your abilities as a driver or in the moral standards of the tester.)

Now it is finally time to determine what a good first vehicle is. Presuming you have some cash or are in a position to finance it through a financial institution, we’ve got some options for you. You can even download our app and see if you can find the right vehicle using it.

Here are our picks:

Toyota Corolla

Provided you don’t get an ancient 1988 model, the more recent iterations will hold up to the test of time. These cars are known for going the distance when it comes to longevity. And they can handle a bit of rough driving. You know what we mean… going over speed bumps a little too fast, taking corners too sharply, (ILLEGALLY) speeding, etc. They can take the abuse. Not that we advocate bad driving, it’s just that your first few years of driving are essentially you honing your motor skills, coordination, and reflexes.

Eventually, driving will become second-nature, but the first few years can be (even if you don’t feel like it at the time) more clumsy. You want a reliable car that can handle misjudging the speed you can go over a speed bump (as mentioned above). Corollas are also reliable, and should give you little trouble as you get your “sea legs”.

Pros: Reliable, good value for money, one of the easiest cars to start one’s driving career with.

Cons: Aren’t the sexiest creatures on the block, older ones lack funtastic features, eventually won’t keep going right.


 VW Polo

Initially, this brand of Golf genus was called the ‘Playa’. It always had the young, newish driver vibe at heart. It is trickier than a Japanese car to drive, so this is might take a bit of getting used to. Slow drives initially are recommended for beginners. But for those more confident in their newfound abilities, they’ll find the Polo packs a punch that is far above its weight class. And they tend to be reasonably priced, too. Don’t get one more than five generations old, though. They don’t have the lifespan of Corollas and they’re a bit more fragile. But they’re good for young drivers keen to jump into driving and accelerate (pun intended) their motor skills.

Pros: Saucy little devils, excellent value for money, more power than you’d think, gets you into the swing of driving if you’re a naturally good driver, have great features.

Cons: Can’t handle bad handling as well as Corollas, trickier for complete novices, temptation to drive badly, much older models can have clutch-pedal problems.


Mercedes C-Class

Whoah, look at us, Mr (or Miss) Fancy Pants. Well, if you insist on your first car being top-tier luxury, then Mercedes is the way to go. They’re relatively easy to drive, just be careful of all that extra power that comes with it. Like Spidey’s uncle said: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” The advantage of a car like this is the safety features. Many will help young drivers, such as Lane Assist for instance. And although it is a sad fact, young drivers have a much higher rate of accidents… precisely because they’re still learning to drive until it’s second nature. In fact, the rate is very high below the age of 25. BUT if you are in an accident, provided it isn’t with a truck carrying napalm, you should be relatively unscathed.

Pros: Luxury, relatively easy to drive for a German car for beginners, safety features packed to the brim.

Con: Temptation to use extra power for evil (like speeding). Price.

Buy a Car Using Our App!

Looking for a quality second-hand car? There are a lot of routes you can go. One is shopping around (figuratively) using online trading platforms. Such as the Marketplace feature on Facebook, or services like Gumtree where the buyer and the seller deal directly with each other.

Obviously, there are perceived advantages to this. First off, you think you’re getting a better price because you’re “cutting out the middleman”.

But this might not always be the case. For one thing, is the car you’re buying really worth what the seller is claiming it is? For instance, they might justify an extra R5000 for a mod they claim is installed. Is the vehicle all up to spec? Are all its components working properly or will they break down a few months down the line, requiring a costly replacement?

Buyer beware.

One reason people sell their cars is because it isn’t driving ‘like it used to’. They could spend a bit of money to get it seemingly like it drives okay. So that when you take it for a test drive, all seems as kosher as kingklip.

But once the purchase has been made, and you’re tens of thousands (or more) out of pocket, you may find its performance on the road leaves a lot to be desired.

Why you want a trusted reseller.

BuyCentre is part of the esteemed Williams Hunt Group. We’re renowned for our high levels of service. For instance, when it comes to quality checks, our guys are veterans who know the ins and outs of cars like the backs of their own hands. They can instantly tell if there are issues with vehicles and their testing methods ensures that when you buy a vehicle from us, it is as we say it is.

That means the vehicle you’re buying is worth what you’re paying for it. Not “too good to be true”, as you’d often find on the open marketplace, where you’re not backed by guarantees, nor does the person have an established and trusted reputation they wish to maintain.

Where our app comes in.

You like browsing, don’t you? So browse a little on our app. Its functionality includes the ability to buy cars – which you’ll be getting from the aforementioned Williams Hunt Group themselves! To start off with, on your home screen, press: BUY.

Kind of obvious, right? Well, we cater to all sorts, and we don’t discriminate against the double digits!


Then you select what you’re looking for and hit FILTER.

The app is so nifty, you basically get to scroll through a selection of different vehicles and can swipe left to see the next one or swipe right to go back to previous ones.

Any car you happen to like and want to consider in more depth later, you simply swipe up. That’ll add that car to your wishlist. Feel free to keep swiping, though! You may not have found the right one for you yet. Keep going as long as you want.

Once you feel you’ve got enough to consider, go back to the home screen of the app and click on WISHLIST. This will let you narrow down your choices.

Keep in mind, though, these vehicles may be being looked at by others – and they’ll only be in your wishlist until somebody decides they like the car and buy it.

Once you’ve decided you’re in particular interest in one of the vehicles, click EXPLORE which will give you more info. And then click on ENQUIRE and before long one of our agents will contact you to begin the process.

Next steps.

Once you’re happy with your car, you’ll be able to come down to the dealership that has it and take it for a test drive, just to be 100% sure you’re happy with it. Which you probably will be, as all our second-hand cars are tested meticulously to ensure you’re getting quality goods.

Our app makes the process of searching for a new vehicle (that’s used) simple and fun. Plus, we will help you with all the paperwork when it’s time to make the purchase and transfer ownership to you. A step that can be cumbersome (and even open to fraud!) when done on the open market. (It’s important to reiterate: you really don’t know who you’re dealing with on open marketplaces and have no reason to trust them.)

But with us, as part of the Williams Hunt Group, we have a truckload of trust. (Although, we don’t buy or sell trucks. Unless they’re what the Americans call “pick-up trucks”.)

Download the app now at your phone’s app store. Simply type in ’BuyCentre’ into the search bar and you’ll be revving to go!

Car buying scams: how to best avoid them.

Scamming is a way of life for some people. It is how they’ve chosen to make their way through the world. It isn’t a nice way, of course. It involves creating a victim who suffers a loss. But the point is, as this is what they do, they’re very good at it. There’s mastery of a craft involved here. In the same way as you might become a salesman and get better with practice, and can help convince a customer to buy a product you’ll get commission for, they get better at getting victims to fall for their schemes. This is how people fall for car buying scams.

While we strongly recommend you go through an authorised, legitimate car buyer company when you decide to sell your car, you may decide to try get more through an independent buyer.

If so, here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed.


Car buying scams are easy when the victim gets greedy.


Everything has a market-related price. There’s a range, though normally small, of what a car is worth. As the seller, you’re looking for the best price in that range, while a buyer is looking for the same thing, just at the lowest price in that range. If you’re asking for too high a price, you’ll put off legitimate buyers. If it is too low, you may make them suspicious.

A scammer, on the other hand, doesn’t care. A car is a car, if it’s for free. And it will be if you let them get away literally with it.

If you want a legitimate buyer, the best way is to get an accurate price for your vehicle. You can download our app for iPhone or Android and then enter your car’s details. Take pictures. Upload it all. We happen to have a very sophisticated system for ascertaining the price of a vehicle. Often what happens is, a person gives information to a car buying company, who doesn’t have the system we do, and the offer made isn’t the final one they’ll agree to. We, on the other hand, have a very accurate system. If you still prefer to strike out on your own and take a chance, here are other things to watch for…


Signs of scripting.


Scripting is a computer term for events in games where characters behave in certain ways due to specific outcomes. It is as simple as if (a) happens, the action (i) takes place. If (b) happens, the action (ii) takes place.

And in real life too. Telemarketers, for instance, follow a set script of responses to anything you may say as they try push unnecessary car insurance on you.

With scammers over the Internet, they generally have a high miss / low hit ratio in scamming. Meaning they want to save themselves as much time as possible while increasing the number of potential victims. To do so, they will reply with copy-and-pasted responses to ads you put out for your car. Say they are an international syndicate. They will use a company to export your vehicle out the country. They won’t meet you yourself. They won’t be interested in test driving the car. At the end of the day, even if all they get is parts, it is still worth it to them.

If your interactions with the scammer almost seem robotic, there is a good chance they are a scammer. If someone replies to your ad on whatever classified service you’re using, then try get a sense of who they are. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, like what they do. And insist on talking on the phone. But most of all, don’t give out personal information like your ID number.

This copy and paste approach really comes out if you try to avoid asking stock standard questions to the scammer.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to more sophisticated scammers, who will invest more time in what they think is a good deal. The higher value your car, the more sophisticated the scamming becomes, because it increases the effort vs. reward ratio.

You wouldn’t put in a lot of effort for low reward, but you would for high reward. Scammers think the same way. They are human, after all.


Make sure your money is in your pocket first.


As mentioned, you want to make sure the money you’re owed has actually cleared into your account. This is when your bank balance is increased in terms of what is available. Not all legitimate buyers will be willing to wait that long… they might suspect a scam too. That’s why it’s often easiest to go through a car buying business. For instance, we have our own system of checks and balances, and as part of the Williams Hunt Group, we have the trusted name necessary for you to feel safe in doing business with us. Besides, we’re not interested in getting the lowest possible amount for your car. We’re interested in getting the most fair price for your car.

You may think you get more when you cut out the so-called middle man, but scams are the very reason why trusted companies like us exist on the market. To ensure you, as the seller, don’t get taken for a ride… without your car…. And potential future buyers get a vehicle that’s worth what they’re paying for.

Certainty for both buyer and seller is, well, uncertain. Scammers take advantage of that from both ends.

And unfortunately, scammers make a living off it. The really sophisticated scammers keep thinking up new tricks every day to take advantage of seller and buyer alike.

Stuck for Father’s Day gifts? Here are suggestions to spruce up Dad’s car.

Dad’s special day is around the corner. Thank him for changing your dirty nappies; the fatherly advice he gave you about asking out girls or avoiding heartbreak from boys; and how his life lessons still make you go: “As my father used to say…”. So, get him a great gift for his car, and make his daily travels that much smoother. Or more fun. Or both! And we’re here to give you suggestions on how to do just that.

Macally Mount Holder for Smartphones.

R384 from Takealot.com.

In the 21stCentury, getting lost is optional. Whether it’s Google Maps or Apple’s Maps app, your phone is the only GPS device you need. And we, of course, are big fans of apps, since ours makes buying and selling cars as easy and convenient as finding your way in big cities. Not to mention the indispensable Waze, which helps us beat the traffic every day. Like we love to say, “Where there’s a Waze, there’s a way.” So, you want to ensure Dad has a proper cellphone mount – to make it easier to avoid accidents. This cellphone mount has 360 rotation and fits any smartphone. It’s a stellar cellar winner.

Click here to buy now.

Anytek A100 Dash Cam.

R645 plus shipping from Zapals.com.

Unless you’re in Durban, where half the town is in a purple haze, there’s a lot of crazy drivers on the road. Some days, it’s like a post-apocalyptic wasteland out there. Which is why it’s handy to have a Dash Cam to capture proof of negligent driving (of the other guy, otherwise, destroy the evidence). Show Dad you care, about him and his insurance premiums, with this 170 degrees, 1080p wide angle lens camera. It starts recording the moment Dad starts the car. It’s also good if Dad decides to take the scenic route to show off his nifty driving skills.

Click here to buy now.


Philips Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner.

R999 from Takealot.com/

Whether it’s the children, or grandchildren, there’s a good chance Dad might have enough crumbs in his backseat to lead Hansel and Gretel out the woods. Or maybe Dad is just too busy to get to a carwash. That’s where mall car cleaners come in handy. BuyCentre tip: most are willing to clean the inside of your car too, if you give them a bit extra dosh. With a portable car vacuum cleaner, they should be able to do a solid job. (We’re not responsible for any valuables in your car, especially if they’re ‘cleaned out’.)

Click here to buy now.


Astrum Car Jump Starter.

R1299 from Takealot.com. 

And speaking of kids, or grandkids, the last thing we want is for Dad’s car battery to sing its swansong on the road in a rougher part of town. At night. And he’s not sure if flagging down a stranger is a good idea, ‘cause he could get anyone: a nun… or a nutjob. Fortunately, there’s an excellent rescue device: a portable powerbank jumper starter. No need for complicated rolls down the hill or standing in the road waving his arms like a lunatic. Dad only needs to clamp it in and start his engine.

Click here to buy now.

Selling your first car

Picture this, you’ve completed your schooling, started an exciting new job and now need a car to suit your lifestyle. While we understand the sentimental pull your first car has, frankly we think you deserve a shiny new model. Where do you start?


Because we understand that reviews, word-of-mouth and customer service are such huge determining factors, we’ve made it simple, yet 100% effective when deciding on a retailer to sell your car to. You don’t have to take our word for it. Have a look at what some of our customers have had to say about us. (http://bit.ly/2AVK50a)

Understanding your car’s worth

We know how important it is to get the best deal for your car and our quotes definitely can’t be beaten! When you download our App, you’ll get access to our network of 300+ dealers’ expert knowledge so you can start planning which price range to look at going forward. Our App offers you the highest value for your current vehicle – guaranteed. The best part is that we guarantee to buy your car from you for that exact price!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the BuyCentre App and complete your Vehicle Valuation.
  2. Bring the BuyCentre Valuation and your Vehicle for its Final Inspection with a Certified BuyCentre Valuation Specialist to your nearest BuyCentre depot.
  3. Upon your vehicle passing the inspection, we will BUY your VEHICLE and handle all the paperwork.

Does it sound like too much hassle? Well in that case we’ll come directly to your home to do the inspection, handle the paperwork and sort out the licensing on your behalf. Get back to what really matters and let us do what we can to make the process as easy as possible.

Do you think you can find a better deal from any company or private seller out there? We dare you to go have a look.

A closer look at selling your car privately vs through a dealership

We understand what matters, what you look for and the role the car plays in your everyday life. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly and that’s why we go the extra mile for our customers to ensure they are 100% satisfied with our services. From no-appointments needed inspections to accurate quoting on your used car based on a network of 300+ dealers, and a 100% guaranteed purchase of your vehicle for the quoted amount, you really can’t go wrong with us.

What to keep in mind when selling your car through a private seller

The cosmetic appeal of the car is far more important than the mechanical issues. Why? Because if the buyer doesn’t like the colour, brand or physical damage to the car they generally won’t think twice about buying it from you. More often than not any money you invest in preparing your car for the sale will be doubled or even quadrupled by getting a better end price. Therefore, visual impression is everything.

Once you’ve gotten through the first phase, the buyer will look at what’s wrong with the car, i.e. the mechanical issues. Chances are that if you sell your car through a private seller that they’ll pick up on the issues soon enough which could result in some problems for you. Our suggestion? Get the issues sorted before putting your car in the market. This will ensure there are fewer sales complaints.

Why BuyCentre?

When you sell your car directly to us, you reduce the chance of being ripped off to 0%. Don’t waste your time with private sellers looking to pocket some of your hard-earned cash, time wasters and dodgy visits to meet with the buyer. We take your car as it is and offer you the best market-related price – no questions asked. So, for a reliable company you can trust to buy your car, that comes directly to you to do the inspection, and handle the licensing and documentation for you, turn to BuyCentre.

Suggested reads:


How to download the app

Looking for a fast, reliable and secure way to sell your car?

Juggling work, family life and an active social life isn’t easy – trust us, we know. You barely have time to read up on the latest car news, celebrity gossip or, do we dare say it… look for potential car retailers to help you sell your car. If this sounds like you, take a breath! Because we know how hard you work, we realise you probably don’t have a lot of time to waste browsing the Internet in hopes of finding a reliable seller to assist you with selling your car. It’s like the old cliché goes: the proof is in the pudding and who can argue with a 100% customer satisfaction rate? Have a read at what some of our customers have had to say about us: http://bit.ly/2rPusUB

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s introduce you to our easy and convenient platform where you can submit your car details from the convenience of your home and receive an accurate, market-related quote for the vehicle you want to sell. What makes our pricing app so reliable is that we offer you a market-related quote based on the expertise of a network of 300+ dealers. Based on this, we feel comfortable enough to make you a guaranteed offer on your car that is as close to what you can achieve selling it privately.

Can it really be this simple? It sure is! If you decide to sell your vehicle to BuyCentre, we take care of all registration and licensing. This means that you don’t have to waste hours looking for a private seller that’ll waste your time, unwanted visitors at your home, scams or liability after the sale. Let’s take the worry off your hands so you can get back to what makes you tick.

Download the app today and receive a free, no-obligations quote. We bet you won’t find a better deal anywhere else!

Put us to the test and try it for yourself.

Are you a Car Enthusiast?

Do you live and breathe cars? When you know everything there’s to know about cars – brand, model, specs – we consider you to be quite the Car Enthusiast. As such, we know you have your preferences, or even loyalties, towards certain brands which you’ve tried, tested and loved. Whether you’re in the market to buy, sell or simply to find out how much your car is worth, we have some tips that might come in handy when you do decide to take the leap.

Because of your ever-expanding knowledge, you probably already have your next car in mind and know exactly what you want. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as clear cut as picking out your dream car when you’re in the market for a used car. Our suggestion, shop around. Low-mileage demo models from your preferred brand are normally well looked after, well priced and almost new – giving you the chance to drive off in a new model, without the price tag.

When selling your car, we know that you won’t trust just anyone to do your car inspection. Because you know what your car is worth, you won’t take a cent less for it and are always on the lookout for a reliable private seller or company to offer a fair market-related price. You need a seller that speaks your language and shares the same enthusiasm and love for cars. That’s where we come in.

BuyCentre has a No Appointment Necessary policy that allows you to pop in at your nearest dealer for an inspection. We will also come to you and do the inspection at a location that is convenient for you!

What also makes us different is that we offer hassle-free registration, licensing and do the paperwork for you. No stress. No liability after the sale and completely hassle-free.

We are committed to offering you the best price for your car when you download our app and opt for a free no-obligations quote. The advanced online BuyCentre pricing system includes a 300+ dealer network that allows us to guarantee you a top price when selling your vehicle to us.

Place your trust in us and download the app to get started.

The difference between trading and selling your car

You’ve decided you want a new car but before you drive off with your brand-new wheels, you need to make a plan with the old car. That’s where the dilemma comes into play. Do you sell or trade it in? Many car owners prefer the hassle-free option of trading in the car at the dealership, despite getting a lot less than they would’ve got had they sold it instead. Other customers prefer selling their car through dealerships like us where they get a much better price for their current vehicle. At the end of the day the choice is up to you, but have a look at these tips before making your final decision.


Trading in your car

The convenience of trading in your car comes with many benefits: no phone calls or meetings with sellers that might be time wasters, and no test drives with complete strangers. At best you should expect to get your car’s wholesale value which you can use to start the down-payment on the new car.

What they don’t tell you is that while you might think that you are getting a great deal, they’re actually just reducing their profit earnings on the car.

Take note of the following terminology

  • Book value: The industry accepted value for your car.
  • Trade in value: The amount the dealer offers you when you trade in your car.
  • Retail value: The trade in price plus whatever mark-up that dealer adds on to that amount to make a profit.


Selling your car

Selling your car to a dealership comes with its own advantages: BuyCentre offers a quick and hassle-free service that will put your mind and wallet at ease. Knowing the value of your car is easy with our app and the best part is that we WILL buy your car for the quoted amount! Selling your car to a dealership like us ensures that you get the best market related price for your car which you can use to purchase another car from any car dealer of your choice. Unlike trade in’s, you aren’t locked into buying a car from one dealer, giving you more choice when it comes to buying a new car and finding a REAL BARGAIN somewhere else. When you sell your car to a private dealer, you essentially act as the dealership and add your own percentage of profit to create your own custom retail price.

What they don’t tell you is that you’re probably going to face overlapping car payments if the old car isn’t paid off yet. In some instances, you might not be able to sell your car straight away, in which case you won’t be able to use the money as a down payment on the new vehicle.

Of course, we suggest selling your car to us instead where a network of 300+ dealers are able to make you a guaranteed offer. Click here for more info on how to download the app.