Romantic getaways you can drive to.

Romantic getaways you can drive to, and should. Three in fact.

Because it’s February, the month of love. And love means time away with your bae. We’re not sure what necessitated the dropping of the second ‘b’, but anyway. It’s a millennial thing.

If you’re thinking of going on a short(ish) road trip with a loved one for the coming weekend, here are our suggestions for it. Or any weekend you’re free too – because romance isn’t just stuck at February.

Durban: Southern Drakensberg

Where’s there to go when you’re already in a beautiful sub-tropical city that is full of beautiful beaches, like those found in Umhlanga? Well, for a true getaway, get elevated. Go to the mountains. The Drakensberg Mountains to be exact.

There’s nothing quite as crisp as that cool mountain air, even during the hot months.

We recommend the Amazian Mountain River Lodge, which is perfectly situated within distance of the legendary Sani Pass, a mountain pass that has a trail all the way up to Lesotho – which you can do for half a day.

Numerous activities are included. Such as archery. See which one of you is the better shot, and make it sporting. A romantic activity to be decided upon by the winner. There’s also horseback riding. Going on a mountain trail by horse back? Nothing more romantic than that.

You can also go on a quad bike picnic into a nearby valley. The Lodge has an exquisite pool area which features a view of the mountain range, giving you and your significant other a sense of being in majesty.

It’s luxury service in a rustic setting, and clear air, where the nights will be a little chilly, allowing for you two to get closer under the blanket.

At about two hours’ drive from Durban’s city centre, it is a slight road trip, but one worth doing.


Cape Town: Tulbagh

If you’re looking for somewhere a bit off the beaten track, then you should consider Tulbagh. In fact, take a day off and make it a three-day weekend. It’s the fourth oldest town in South Africa, having been built in the 1700s. It has many heritage sites full of history to visit, so it makes for a slightly surreal sidestep through space and time.

Still, it offers the amenities of our modern world, so it won’t cramp your Instagram style to snap pics of you and your significant other and post them for your followers to see.

But there’s actually a lot to do there. Perhaps the most romantic adventure you can embark on is the horse trails. Saddle up with your partner and soak in the beautiful scenery as you ride on impeccably trained horses.

Perhaps bike riding is more your thing. If you’re the sporty sort, then you can pedal through the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve, which covers more than 1000 hectares of mountain area. There’s also quad biking, 4 x 4 routes, abseiling, and other activities for the adventurous couple.

There are numerous places to stay but we recommend the Tulbagh Boutique Heritage Hotel, which is in the centre of town – making it ideal as your base for exploring Tulbagh. It’s in the historic Church Street, the town’s main street and is close to many attractions.

It was actually built in 1859, but still has a range of contemporary rooms best described as luxurious. There is the Honeymoon Suite if you really want to go all-out. It was crafted from old wagon shed and is as romantic as it gets. If the night gets a bit chilly, there are two fireplaces, and you can cuddle beside either one of them.
Of course, Tulbagh is also known for its wineries. Some of the country’s best wines are made here, so to set the mood, you can enjoy a bit of wine tasting before returning to your hotel for a cosy romantic dinner.


Johannesburg: Golden Pond, Magaliesberg Mountains

About an hour’s drive from Johannesburg is Golden Pond, within Hartbeesport, the Magaliesberg Mountains. We’ve sung praises for the range before. For obvious reasons. Like the fact you can fly high in the sky in a hot air balloon and take in the majesty around you.

Or the numerous hiking trails that go past rock pools.

You can even visit the humanity’s supposed birthplace.

But what makes this trip different? Golden Pond, a beautiful resort built by a gorgeous pond.

A big part of the attraction is the accommodation. What’s more romantic than a log cabin? You know, that classic abode made of long round timber? Giving it an earthy, country ambiance?

They actually have a chalet called the ‘Romantic Log Cabin’, so you kind of know what you’re getting. It features a king-sized bed, seclusion, and a private deck. Even two en-suite bathrooms… because of the eternal war between the sexes regarding bathrooms (though if your relationship can’t survive that…)

The bath tub has an antique charm that will give your romantic adventure a timeless feel. And cool nights (or air-conditioned nights) will have you two love birds snuggling under the covers in a beautiful chalet – to the sounds of the night birds unique to this part of the country.

Whatever you do in the month of love, BuyCentre wishes you and your significant other a lovely, meaningful Valentine’s Day.

The Top 3 Romantic Cars to Go for a Drive In

For classic lovers: The F-Type

The F-Type. It’s a classic built as a spiritual successor to a classic (the E-Type).

You know those images in your head about a coastal drive on a windy road in a sports car convertible with a man and woman? A young couple, with the woman’s scarf blowing in the wind as the convertible’s roof is down? While that’s a hetro-biased image, it is the classic 1950s one of a seaside drive in a sexy Jaguar. Whatever your orientation, this sports car is perfect for trips close to the ocean, with the salty air punctuating a sunny experience.

Rent this car if you have to for the special day, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your anniversary with your partner.


For environment romantics: Tesla Model S

Sexy, suave, and soft-curved, this plug-in charge electronic sports car is still capable of plenty of horse power. It comes in various configurations, but whichever one you’re likely to choose, one thing is for sure. This smooth operator is environment friendly.

Yes. Because it has little to no emissions – unlike a combustion engine – the Model S has no negative environmental impact. Perfect for sweep your Earth-loving, green-warrior bae.

Oh yeah, and because these are quite costly automobiles, if you’re looking to impress your sweetheart with the size of your bank balance, the Model S says it in sky letters.


For adventure-seeking love-birds

This retro styled SUV is no longer in production – which is odd, as it is styled raved upon by its buyers. They love the fact that it’s a luxury vehicle, yet is rugged with a rubberised interior perfect for handling outdoor equipment storage.

What makes it on the list, despite it’s apparent non-sexiness? Well, rough can be sexy too. (Just look at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.) Especially if your idea of a romantic getaway is in the wilderness, like a cabin in the woods or a camping expedition.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better vehicle than this when it comes to both creature comfort and vagabond strength. It’s also sporty, which just adds to its appeal.