Staying safe this New Year’s. There’s an app for that.

We’ve said it before.

There’s an app for everything these days. Down on your love-luck – finding the singles bars contain more squids than potentials? The path to true love never did come easy, though with dating apps like Tinder, you easily widen your pool.

Finding the romance apps aren’t working because people can be, errr, picky? They have selfie apps, so you can live your best pretend life.

You don’t even have to go out anymore. You can use Facebook to be as social as you want, then switch to Candy Crush when you had enough. It’s not even considered rude to be on your phone.

Wait, where is your phone? This used to involve half a day of frantic searching (if your phone was on silent and calling it will do no good). But now, there’s a Find my Phone app.

You can also find just about anything else too, with the Ebay, Bid or Buy, or Amazon apps. All your shopping done conveniently. Even if you can’t find it in the country, just order it from overseas! You just won’t be needing to buy DVDs or CDs.

We’ve moved on now – all the music or TV or movies can be streamed through Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Showmax, and other apps. Literally all the entertainment in the world is yours at the touch of a button. We love how both Spotify and Apple Music provide a small service fee and give you unlimited music in exchange. It’s an entire world that has opened up.

Like how to get food these days only requires you open the door. What with the Mr D and Uber Eats apps. Anything from the neighbourhood can be ordered. You don’t have to speak slowly and loudly over the phone to a person who can barely hear you because of the background noise. You just select exactly what you want in the app itself. Now you can be sure what you ordered actually arrives. You can track it too!

But if you do go out, and plan on having drinks, there’s no need any more to be reliant on a designated driver. With the e-hailing services of Uber and Taxify and others, you have an inexpensive way of getting from A to B. And it really is convenient.

So there’s no excuse this New Year’s to be behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks.  You get to travel to as many parties as you want and be safe.

You don’t risk your life, and you certainly don’t risk damaging or writing off your car. After all, if you damage your vehicle, it may affect the resale value when you finally decide to sell it and upgrade to a new car.

Oh, which reminds us.

There’s an app for that too. (There really is an app for just about everything!)

Our app makes selling your car a cinch. Most of the information is filled out for you when you scan your driver’s licence. And you just have to snap a few pictures. Then, presto! Instant offer. One that is accurate (meaning, unlike with other car buying companies, when it is time for the valuation process, there’s not likely to be a fluctuation between offer and final price). And one that is fair. After all, we are part of the highly reputable Williams Hunt group.

So, have a happy New Year, keep safe, and hopefully we’ll see you in 2019 when you decide you want the best deal for your car with the most trustworthy team around.