Bizarre cars

There are a lot of weird cars out there. Truly bizarre. Why anyone would want to drive them is beyond us. However, they are hilarious, and so you, our loyal readers, deserve to check them out. Please note, most of these images were found at – check them out for other weird and fascinating things from around the world.

If the shoe fits….

Shoe size? Try 100. Squared. Why anyone would want to drive around in a shoe-shaped car is a mystery for dear Sherlock Holmes. Can you imagine the feet-smell after a couple of days? Ewww. Still, you could say the leather look helps ‘lace’ it with style.

For serial…

It could be the dream of a very small child, this car is kitted out in Care Bears and other strange stuffed toys. But, if you drive a vehicle like this, we assume you’ve been red-flagged by the FBI and are being monitored right now.

Diamond-studded mess…

This diamond-encrusted car is worth MILLIONS, yet one thing you can’t buy is good taste. If you have any, you’d spend your money on other things. It looks a bit like a Jackson Pollack painting gone horribly wrong. Ordinarily, we love Mercedes, but this vehicular homicide is so bad, it could have featured in the “Ugly” category of our best, worst, and ugliest cars of 2018 blog. Still, if you have a car like this, and want someone to take it off your hands for a fair amount, give us a call (or download our app at

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a car…?

Contrary to popular belief, flying cars are not the staple of science fiction. There is one that exists in the real world (unless, the real world is The Matrix, and reality as we know it is a computer-generated simulation – which would help us make sense of this vehicle’s very existence).

Although, technically, it is more plane than car. This baby flies like a microjet, but is more than equipped to handle driving not just on the roads, but also on the highways at approximately 100km per hour.

We love it and wouldn’t mind being sold it by one of our loyal customers. We wouldn’t even sell it but keep this fun ride for times when we really want to go Up, Up, and Away!


Scooby Doo, where are you?

Into solving crimes committed by people wearing rubber monster masks and who will admonish you when they’re captured with: “And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you rotten kids!”? Then this van is for you! You and your buddies can go on adventures. Remember, there needs to be at least one preppy dude, a nerdette, a pretty princess sophomore, and a guy who’s a bit… not all there. Plus, a dog who loves his snacks named after himself.

And time for our honourable mention:

Go Batty…

Yes, kids, if you love dressing up like a giant bat and have a strong desire to fight a colourful cast of criminals like a guy who thinks he’s a real Joker, this is the vehicle for you. It’s a modified Hummer with notable features like driving through walls without so much as a dent, and foiling Ra’s al Ghul’s insidious plans with machine gun fire.

Speaking like you have laryngitis is optional.