How to get the highest possible offer on your vehicle

Selling your car can be somewhat of a struggle, especially when you haven’t done it before. How do you know if you’re getting a valid offer, and how do you prepare your car for the best possible sale? We’re giving you top tips on how to prepare when you’re planning on selling your car.

Clean up your car

Give your car a good clean. A good looking, good sounding and even pleasant smelling car can help increase your offer.
• Remove all your possessions and get rid of anything under and between the seats and from the cup holders. Make sure to get all the hard-to-reach places like door openings, boot openings and the engine bay. Take everything out of the boot and ensure that the spare wheel and jack are properly secured. Get rid of rattling noises that might be mistaken for more serious mechanical problems.

• Vacuum and wipe the interior. Give loose items a good wash, like mats and seat covers (vinegar works best to get rid of stains). Clean vinyl surfaces and treat any leather. If you’re a smoker, clean the ashtray and lighter and ensure that the interior doesn’t smell of smoke – use a deodoriser at least two weeks before selling your car.

• Wash and polish the exterior – don’t forget the details such as lights, hubs, tyres, windows, any chrome or stainless trim, and mud flaps should be spotless.

• Clean minor mechanical bits such as door jambs and seals. Oil all hinges of the doors and make sure the seat belts pull easily. Ensure that the windscreen washer reservoir and radiator are topped up.

• Check the tyres and tyre pressure. Make sure that the tyres are in good condition and inflate them to the correct pressure.

• Finishing touches – when someone is about to test-drive your car, leave the driver seat back and at the lowest setting for the person to adjust it.

Prep your car

Apart from cleaning your car, you’ll want to spend some money on prepping your car for sale. The better shape your car is in, the higher possibility of it being sold. Consider doing the following things:
• Consider a safety inspection and fixing up important mechanical issues.
• Fix chips on the windscreen, or if necessary, replace it.
• If the tread on your tyres is worn out, it’s best to replace the tyres. It can be used ones, but make sure that they are matching and on the same axle.
• Fix dents and deep scratches. It has an impact on the buyer’s perception of the car.
• Change oil and replace small things such as the wipers if they’re not working well.
• Replace broken or missing trim pieces like door panels, glovebox lids, and other odds.
• Ensure that there’s an owner’s manual in the glove box. If you don’t have one, buy a new one.

Organise the documentation

Ensure that the car was serviced recently and that you have all the necessary papers together and organised before the sale. The following documents can be prepared:
• Car registration papers.
• A declaration that the car has been paid off in full.
• Any repair and maintenance papers.
• Service history booklet.
• Your identification.
• Change of ownership document.
You can find these documents on our website here

When your car is clean and ready, it’s time to take some quality photos. This is essential when uploading your car to a car selling website or app. It also assists with the pre-evaluation before any inspections.
• No need to buy or borrow a camera; your smartphone will take perfectly good pictures.
• Shoot early mornings, or late afternoons or when it’s overcast; never in the rain.
• Wipe your camera lens to prevent blurring or lens flare. Avoid using the flash.
• Only take landscape (horizontal) images.
• Try to replicate photos seen from car reviews – front ¾ view, rear ¾ view, side view, and interior shots.
• Take as many photos as possible, especially of extra detail like a boot shot and close-ups of any damage.

Get the value of your car

Get a reliable estimate of your car’s value. Since everyone is not a car expert, it’s the only way to know if an offer is reasonable. You can easily do it from home.
For a quick and easy indication of your car’s value, click here. You’ll need to complete the following – car year, car make, car model, transmission type, fuel type, car variant, and the total kilometres.
For a more accurate offer on your car, you can download our app, complete the easy steps and we’ll give you an irresistible, accurate and guaranteed cash offer. If you’re interested in our offer, the next step is evaluating your car.
We have depots nationwide and no appointment is needed. If you don’t have the time to come to us, we’ll even come to you.

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